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If I qualify, what are the benefits?

The Assessed Value (see definition above) of the property will be reduced by no more than $3,894, thereby corresponding to a reduction in your property tax bill.

Is the exemption for my house only?

No, the exemption is applied to real estate first, then to a mobile home or automobile.

What are property tax exemptions?

Arizona provides property tax exemptions, in varying dollar amounts, to qualifying disabled persons and widows/widowers, whose spouses passed away while residing in Arizona.

Anyone with questions regarding deadlines and criteria for property tax exemptions may phone contact the Assessor’s Office.

Remember, the last business day in February is the deadline to file for any property tax exemption.

What are the qualifications?

  1. You must be a resident of Arizona.

  2. Your Total Assessed Valuation (see definition above) in Arizona cannot exceed $26,458. This means the property assessment usually equates to a $264,580 (LPV) property valuation.

  3. Household income from all sources, cannot exceed $32,447.

  4. If children under 18 years of age reside in the household, income cannot exceed $38,926.

  5. Disability must be total, permanent and certified by an Arizona licensed physician on form DOR 82514B. A certificate is only needed for a new application (unless requested by our office).

What is a disability exemption?

In order to qualify for the property tax exemption for disabled persons, a person must be totally and permanently disabled, either physically or mentally, resulting in that person’s inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity.  Certification of Disability for Property Tax Exemption

When and where do I apply?

You must file an application between January 1 and the last business day in February in one of the twoYavapai County Assessor’s Offices.  Arizona State Statutes require first time applicants to apply in person. After qualifying for an exemption you will no longer need to fill out exemption paperwork on a yearly basis.  However, owners must notify the Assessor of any changes that apply to the eligibility of the exemption.

Who is entitled to an exemption?

Exemptions are available for qualifying widows, widowers and totally disabled persons.
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