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How is a manufactured/mobile home valued?

In Arizona, manufactured/mobile homes are valued by taking the original factory list price less a depreciation factor based on age, as set by the Arizona Department of Revenue. When a manufactured/mobile home is acquired, the Arizona Department of Transportation issues a title, or the owner can record an Affidavit of Affixture, which will add the manufactured/mobile home value to the real estate property value.

What is the difference between an Affixed Manufactured Home and an Unattached Manufactured Home, and how are they taxed?

An Affixed Manufactured Home will receive a notice of value and is taxed as real property.  To affix a manufactured/mobile home, you must surrender your title to ADOT and record an “Affidavit of Affixture”.  The same person must own the land and the manufactured/mobile home.


A Manufactured Home for which no affidavit of affixture has been recorded is unattached personal property and will receive a separate notice of value card and tax bill from their real property.

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