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How is my assessed value determined?

The Assessed Value of each property class is determined using percentages set by the State Legislature. The following percentages apply to the three most used classifications. The assessment ratios are applied to both the primary and secondary values of a property, which determines the property’s net assessed value.

  • Commercial 19% for 2014, 18% for 2016 and forward
  • Land 15%
  • Residential 10%

What is a full cash value of a property?

The market value, or full cash value, of all real property in Arizona is the starting point for determining taxable values.  Arizona courts have interpreted the term “full cash value” to mean the “cash equivalent value” of the property.

The Assessor does not create the value. It is created by the choices and decisions people make in the marketplace. The Assessor has the legal responsibility to study those transactions and appraise property accordingly.

When analyzing the accuracy of the Assessor’s property values, ask yourself if the property has been valued fairly. First, sales of similar properties must be reviewed. When using the sales comparison (market) approach, the sales data must be carefully analyzed. Then the size, quality, location, differences in additions or features, and time of sale factors need to be considered.

What is a limited property value?

Arizona is unique in that it uses two types of property values for taxing purposes. The limited property values are used to calculate primary taxes. ARS §42-11001(7) defines limited property value (LPV) as the value determined pursuant to ARS §42-13301. Under ARS §42-13301 the LPV is the limited property value of the property in the preceding valuation year plus five percent of that value. The current LPV of a parcel of property shall not exceed its current full cash value. Per ARS §42-11001(7), the LPV is used to calculate the levy limitations for counties, cities, towns and community college districts, and for assessing, fixing, determining and levying primary and secondary property taxes on all property except property described in ARS §42-13304, which again, include personal property, other than mobile homes, and property included in property class one under ARS §42-12001(1)(7) and (11).

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