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What is an assessment?

Property  Assessement is determined by the value of property multiplied by the assessment ratio for the current use of the property (Assessment Ratios  are determined by State Legislature ).  This assessment of value is used in the calculation of tax bills.

What is the role of the assessor?

The assessor’s  office identifies, locates, and values property in accordance with state law.  The Assessor does not calculate property taxes but determines the assessed value that is used in the tax bill calculation.  Because assessment affects property taxes, it is important that assessed value be accurate and fair.

Why have a property tax?

The property tax is an important part of any well-balanced revenue system for a community. Property taxes fund such things as schools, fire and police protection, streets, libraries and other public entities. The property tax allows these services to be funded in proportion to the value of individual properties. In general, when a community spends more tax dollars on better schools, parks, streets and other public services, community members will ultimately benefit.
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