Yavapai County Community Health Services

Public Health is mandated to control the spread of communicable diseases. Our epidemiologist, nurses, and other investigative staff keep track of the number of cases of each disease in our county. For many illnesses, such as bacterial meningitis, whooping cough, hepatitis and other vaccine preventable diseases as well as enteric illnesses, we assure that preventative or prophylactic treatment is provided to contacts and excludes persons at risk of spreading disease from school, work or childcare. We also assist the public by providing recommendations for controlling disease spread or exposure in many different settings, and monitor disease patterns in order to stop transmission.

Reporting of suspected or confirmed communicable disease is mandated under the Arizona Administrative Codes known as Title 9 R9-6-202, R9-6-203, and R9-6-204.  The primary responsibility for reporting rests with the provider (R9-6-202a), Administrator of a Health Care Institution or Correctional Facility (R-6-202b), Administrator of a School, Child Care Establishment, or Shelter (R9-6-203), and Clinical Laboratories (R9-6-204). There are 87 different communicable diseases that are reportable to the Yavapai County health department.

Some reports are received by mail using a special form which can be downloaded by health care providers from this webpage. Other diseases must be reported by telephone within 24 hours (see list of reportable diseases).

If you are not a medical provider, but think you have a communicable disease, please see your health care provider.

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