Yavapai County Community Health Services

Maternal Child Health is the home of many programs that serve women of childbearing age, whether they are mothers or mothers-to-be. Helping mothers and fathers prepare so that children can grow up safe and healthy is a big part of what we do.

Our nurses and lay health workers provide health and development checks on pregnant women, women who are nursing or who have young children under the age of 3.  All programs are available in English and Spanish.  All programs are completely FREE.

Sometimes, pregnant woman or their soon-to-be born babies develop health problems that need special attention. Sometimes, the baby is born too early and/or the child has health problems. We have a number of ways to help. See the Newborn Intensive Care Program (NICP) page for more information.

Another program, Health Start, provides home visits to low-income or high-risk pregnant women or women with a child under the age of 2. Lay Health Workers provide the mother with information and support about child health and development and parenting issues. See the Health Start Program page for more information.

Are you looking for information on WIC or breastfeeding?  Visit our WIC and Nutrition Programs page.

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