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What does Environmental Health do?

Environmental Health is concerned with protecting the public's health and preventing disease, primarily through the regulation of those public facilities which can adversely affect the public by improper safety and hygienic practices. In Yavapai County, some of the establishments we regulate include restaurants, bars and certain food processors; public and semipublic swimming pools; hotels and motels; and school grounds. Additionally, we respond to situations involving mosquitoes, rodents and other animals which may be capable of spreading disease. Historically, Environmental Health is the oldest component of the public health movement and continues to be part of the county’s efforts building and maintaining healthier communities.

Where does Environmental Health receive its authority?

Most of the laws and codes Environmental Health enforces were written at the state level. It was long ago recognized that many health functions, such as inspecting restaurants, could be best done at the local level. Therefore, the state health department transfers many of its powers to us by entering into a delegation agreement with the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors. Some programs, such as food worker training, not specifically stipulated in the state health code, are the result of county ordinance.

How is Environmental Health funded?

In keeping with the wishes of the County administration, Environmental Health receives almost all of its funding from the fees we charge.

What are your fees? How are they set? Why did the fees recently go up?

The fees we charge vary considerably and depend upon the type and size of the establishment. The exact fees for an establishment can be obtained by speaking with one of our employees. Our fees are designed to cover the costs of performing a given service and must include employee time in performing inspections, traveling and performing administrative tasks such as filing. Additionally, our fees must reflect other costs such as supplies, vehicles and office space. We periodically perform studies to determine how much time our employees spend working in different programs. These time studies as well as other considerations such as increases in employee and equipment costs are used to recommend new fees designed to more fairly and accurately reflect the cost of performing our services. The new fees are put into place by a vote of the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors.

How can I become a health inspector?

Health inspectors must possess a credential as a Registered Sanitarian. Sanitarians are registered by the Arizona Department of Health Services. They can be contacted for more information at (602) 364-3855. Registered Sanitarian candidates must have a significant background in college level sciences and then have to pass a comprehensive written examination. County job vacancies are posted in local newspapers and county buildings, and on-line.

Do you regulate septic tanks and water quality?

No. Wastewater regulation (including septic tanks) is performed by Yavapai County Development Services – Environmental Unit. They issue septic permits, perform septic inspections and respond to citizen complaints about wastewater problems. They have all the county records on septic systems and are who to call if you want to know where your septic tank is located.  Water quality is regulated by Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.

How can I get in contact with my Environmental Health inspector?

By calling one of our offices.  Inspectors are generally out of the office doing field work during the middle part of the day. The best time to try to contact an Inspector is early in the morning (8:00 to 9:00 a.m.) or leave a message.

What public facilities does Yavapai County Community Health Services not inspect?

We do not have authority to perform any activities on Indian land. This includes Frontier Village in Prescott, which is administered by the Yavapai Prescott Tribe [(928) 445-8790 ext. 123], and Cliff Castle in Camp Verde, which is under the jurisdiction of the Indian Health Service [(602) 364-5039]. Inquiries on these establishments can be directed to the Arizona Department of Health Services at (602) 364-3131.

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