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Why are hotels and motels regulated?

Proper cleanliness and sanitary practices in hotels and motels are important in preventing disease and parasites from being spread. By licensing and inspecting hotels and motels, Community Health Services monitors these facilities for safe operation and cleanliness.

What do you look for in a hotel/motel inspection?

Overall cleanliness and soundness of construction, proper laundering of bed and bath linens, proper washing of cups and glasses, the absence of insects and rodents, and proper handling of trash.

How often are hotels/motels inspected?

At least one regular inspection is done each year. Additional inspections may be performed throughout the year in response to complaints from the public.

How does a hotel/motel become licensed?

The construction of a hotel or motel must be evaluated by the City or County Building Department for conformance to Building Codes. A plan review must also be performed by Community Health Services to determine compliance with the Health Codes. Once a plan review is done, approval to construct is granted and the construction is completed, an inspection with our department is arranged and, if the construction is approved, an application for an operating license is submitted.

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