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Which pools are regulated and why are pools inspected?

Community Health Services is required to inspect public and semi-public pools and to ensure they are safe to use. Public pools are those operated by cities and towns for the community's use. Semi-public pools are those operated by health clubs, hotels, apartment complexes and the like which are available to a select segment of the public. Community Health Services does not regulate private residential pools or medical therapy pools.

How often are pools inspected?

Public pools are inspected once per month during their active season. Semi-public pools which are open year round are inspected every 2 months. Semi-public pools that are open seasonally are inspected every 2 months during the time they are open.

What do you look for in a pool inspection?

Checking the chemistry of the pool’s water is very important. The pH level must be between 7.2 to 7.8. The disinfectant level (chlorine, typically) must be between 1 and 3 parts per million (PPM) for pools and between 3 and 5 PPM for spas. If the chlorine level is not high enough, bacterial and algal growth can occur. If the pH is too high (8.0 or above), then the chlorine is prevented from properly doing its job. We also look at the temperature in the spa. It must not exceed 104 °F. Temperatures hotter than 104 °F can potentially cause health problems. We also examine the cleanliness and physical condition of the pool. We look for safety equipment such as the ring buoy and gates, which should always be self-closing and self-latching.

How does a pool become licensed?

All proposed public and semipublic swimming pools must undergo plan review. Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has responsibility to approve the construction of new and remolded pools for Yavapai County. Upon completion of the pool construction, the Environmental Health Unit will require an application for annual license be submitted, paid for and approved before an opening inspection can be performed. Ongoing routine pool inspections are handled by the Yavapai County Environmental Unit.

Do swimming pool operators require certification in Yavapai County?

Yavapai County does not have a swimming pool operator certification program and no certificate is required. However, we encourage pool operators to obtain training and certification from private sources.

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