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What is the Hotel/Motel Inspection program?

Hotels, motels and large bed and breakfasts are inspected at least annually. Inspections are performed that include assuring that:

  • Clean bedding is supplied after each guest.
  • Floors, walls and ceilings are clean.
  • Smoke detectors work properly.
  • Hot and cold water is available.
  • Soap and clean towels are in each room.
  • Proper cleaning and disinfecting are practiced by the maintenance staff.
  • Window screens are in place and in good working order.

Basic operation requirements for Hotel/Motels: Arizona Administrative Code Title 9, Chapter 8, Article 13 

Why is it needed?

An annual routine inspection is required by the State of Arizona on hotel/motel establishments to ensure the safety of the public.

Who is required to obtain a license?

An establishment that provides sleeping quarters for overnight guests with 2 or more dwelling units.

Is there a cost?

Yes, see Fee Schedule .

What are the goals of the program?

To ensure the sanitation and safety of hotel & motel establishments.

What has the program achieved?

A safer and more enjoyable place to stay for guests visiting Yavapai County hotels/motels

Contact the Yavapai County Environmental Health Unit for more information.

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