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What is the Newborn Intensive Care Program?

The Newborn Intensive Care Program (NICP) provides home based follow-up to infants who spent time in an Intensive Care Nursery setting immediately after birth.  Specially trained, experienced Registered Nurses monitor the health and development of these high risk babies.  The nurse provides support to families during the move from hospital to home.  The RN looks at the health, development and well being of the baby. They can help answer parents’ questions about nutrition and will show parents activities that promote normal development.  The nurses help families with high-risk infants connect to other resources including AHCCCS, WIC and other family services.

Why is it needed?

Babies who were born early or were sick at birth are at high-risk for health or development problems.  Early identification and treatment for these problems can promote better outcomes.

Who is eligible?

You enroll in NICP while your baby is still in the hospital, following birth.  NICP is for babies who had to stay in the Intensive Care Nursery setting after birth.  Special arrangements can be made for a nurse to follow those babies who were born out of state and then moved to Arizona or for those who were re-hospitalized after going home following birth.

Is there a cost?

No, NICP is free to families.

What are the goals of the program?

The goal of the Newborn Intensive Care Program is to reduce infant deaths and to help high risk infants and toddlers to reach their fullest potential.

What has the program achieved?

Yavapai County’s NICP has worked to provide education and support to hundreds of families with young children.  Since this statewide program was developed in the late 1960’s, Arizona’s infant death rate has been greatly reduced.

Where are the services for the Health Start program available?

Public Health Nurses meet with parents at the family home by appointment.

Who do I contact for more information?

Newborn Intensive Care Program
Prescott, Chino Valley, and Prescott Valley areas: (928) 442-5478
Verde Valley: (928) 634-6851

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