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ADOT Open House in Yarnell, AZ on February 21, 2023, RE: Proposed Safety Improvements

I attended the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Open House in Yarnell on February 21 and was glad to see the community participation and interest in ADOT’s proposal to resolve traffic safety issues along the main street in Yarnell.  I was impressed with the level of effort that ADOT has expended in finding a solution to the tragic accident that occurred on August 26, 2022.  While some preliminary actions have occurred to address concerns expressed by residents at the town hall meeting on September 1, 2022, which included increased traffic enforcement and additional signage, the proposed solution should significantly improve pedestrian safety along main street.  I agree with the ADOT engineer’s assessment that a painted crosswalk may be ignored, and the traffic island concept provides a greater margin of safety.  The locations of these traffic islands that were selected by the residents that attended appeared to be prudent for the activities in those areas (post office and community center). I will ask the Sheriff to continue enforcement activities and continue to maintain data on citations issued and types of infractions.  Once ADOT has developed a cost estimate, obtained funds, and completed installation of its proposal, then I will ask the Sheriff to continue increased enforcement actions for an additional three months and provide additional data to make a comparison of traffic activity between the two periods to determine the effectiveness of the new traffic safety measures. 
1) Add more speed reduction warning signs and pedestrian crossing signs through Yarnell (completed) 
● 12 new signs installed 
Benefits: Reduces speeding AND Increases driver awareness of pedestrians. 
2) Convert SR 89 from four lanes to a three-lane configuration. 
● One lane each direction with a center left-turn lane. 
Benefits: Eliminates unsafe passing AND Reduces speeding. 
3) Provide safer pedestrian crossings. 
● Pedestrian curb extensions and refuge islands at two locations.
Benefits: Reduces pedestrian crossing distance AND Improves visibility for both drivers and pedestrians

New Chairman and Vice Chair for 2023

At the regular Yavapai County Board of Supervisors meeting on December 7, 2022, the Board voted to make Vice-Chair James Gregory the Chairman for next year and Supervisor Harry Oberg the new Vice-Chair.

Chair Mary Mallory said, "It has been an honor to serve as the Chair of the Board for 2022 and I appreciate my fellow supervisors help and support over the past year.

Supervisor James Gregory said, "I am honored to be selected as the 2023 Yavapai County Board of Supervisors Chairman. I have enjoyed my time as the Vice-Chair and I look forward to serving the people of Yavapai County, along with the support of a great group of employees, as the Chairman.

The new positions will take effect on January 1, 2023.

Photo of Chairman James Gregory, Vice-Chair Harry Oberg and Supervisor Mary Mallory

Yavapai County Lift Stage 2 Fire Restrictions and Outdoor Fire ban

Chair Mallory, working with the Yavapai County Emergency Manager, local forest, and fire professionals, have discussed the current fire danger and, at this time, have determined that it is appropriate to remove all fire restrictions that were implemented in May.

Yavapai County Emergency Manager Ashley Ahlquist said, "There has been an increase in precipitation within the County. Prescott National Forest has seen anywhere from 0.66" to 4.66" throughout the forest. In addition to the increased precipitation, the forecast for continuing rain in the coming weeks and the moderating fire indices support rescinding the restrictions."

This determination includes the following Fire Ordinance Zones: Northern, Central, Eastern, and Southern Zones of Yavapai County, which include the following cities and towns; Prescott, Prescott Valley, Dewey- Humboldt, Mayer, Cordes Junction, Black Canyon City, Congress, North Wickenburg, Peeples Valley, Yarnell, Wilhoit, Cottonwood, Sedona, Camp Verde, and unincorporated areas herein.

Chair Mallory said, "We recognize the inconvenience of imposing these restrictions in our communities, but I appreciate everyone who worked hard to protect our local forests and homes. The fire danger within Yavapai County is a significant concern, and we appreciate your efforts to protect our great County."

Game and Fish Release OHV Education Training Video

When you explore Arizona's outdoors on an off-highway vehicle (OHV), please do so safely and responsibly. Protect yourself, the environment, and your privilege to ride, by following OHV laws. Enjoy - don't destroy! | VIDEO.

Press Release - Peeples Valley & Yarnell Yavapai County Comprehensive Plan Community Outreach Meeting

Yavapai County Supervisor Harry Oberg and the Development Services Department is holding an informational outreach event on Tuesday, July 26, from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM at the Yarnell Regional Community Center, 22302 S. State Route 89, Yarnell, AZ.  Join us to find out information about the Comprehensive Plan update process. Your participation and involvement in this planning process is important!

The Comprehensive Plan is the County’s roadmap for the future. It builds the long-term community vision for where to grow the county responsibly and what to protect in the future. It helps guide good commercial development in appropriate areas and identifies places of special significance that should be preserved and protected.

The first step is to check out the Yavapai County Comprehensive Plan 2032 Update Website regularly. You can connect at www.planningyavapai2032.org or scan the QR code below. | PRESS RELEASE

Back 2 School Event


Please join us for this historic and patriotic Memorial Day Observance.


Yavapai County Fire Ban
Yavapai County Institutes County Wide Fire Ban 

The Yavapai County Board of Supervisors Chair, Mary Mallory, signed the Interim Fire Prohibition Order which prohibits the use of fireworks and implements Stage 1 Fire Restrictions across all four fire zones in Yavapai County. The effective date of the fire ban is May 5, 2022, at 8:00 AM.  

Fire Ordinance Zones: Northern, Central, Eastern, and Southern Zones of Yavapai County, which include the following cities and towns; Prescott, Prescott Valley, Dewy Humboldt, Mayer, Cordes Junction, Black Canyon City, Congress, North Wickenburg, Peoples Valley, Yarnell, Wilhoit, Cottonwood, Sedona, Camp Verde, and unincorporated areas herein.  

Prohibited activities will include the sale or use of fireworks; building, maintaining, attending, or using a fire or campfire except within a developed recreation site, or improved site; smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed recreation site, or while stopped in an outdoor area at least three feet in diameter that is barren or cleared of all flammable materials; and operating or using any equipment with an internal or external combustion engine without a spark arresting device properly installed, maintained and in effective working order, per the details provided in Ordinance 2020-2. 

Yavapai County Board of Supervisors Chair Mary Mallory said, ""I would like to ask all residents to be alert to the fire danger present in our county, please respect the prohibitions and take precautions to avoid accidentally igniting a fire. One spark is all it takes to cause a devastating wildfire." 

Yavapai County Emergency Manager Ashley Ahlquist said, ""Instituting a fire ban is not something we take lightly, but with such an early start to fire season and multiple active fires in the region, this is the time of year where the benefits of a fire ban far out way the hardships.  I have made this recommendation to the Board because of the need to protect lives, our homes and the natural resources we all enjoy.  As a resident of Yavapai County I appreciate everyone doing their part."    

This fire ban will stay in effect until the risk has diminished and there is agency consensus that restrictions may be lifted.

Yavapai County Job Fair 2022

Join representatives from nearly every Yavapai County Department on May 24 from noon until 6:00 PM at 1015 Fair St. in Prescott, for the first ever Yavapai County Job Fair. Candidates of all experience level are encouraged to attend. You can apply for any of the open positions while you are at the fair or apply online at YavapaiAZ.GOV and click on Employment Opportunities. | FLYER

26th Annual Memorial Day Observance

We invite you to attend the 26th Annual Memorial Day Observance on Monday, May 30th at historic Citizens Cemetery from 9:00 - 10:00 AM! Yavapai County Board of Supervisors cordially invite you to attend the Memorial Day Observance MEMORIAL DAY—MAY 30, 2022 Time: 9:00—10:00 A.M. Place: Historic Citizens Cemetery 815 E. Sheldon, Prescott Emcee: Patrick Kuykendall In attendance: Dignitaries and Public Figures: Supervisor Oberg, Sheriff Rhodes, Mayor Goode, Chief Deputy Newnum, Capt. G. William Weiler— USN (Ret), Wanda A. Wright, Col. USAF (Ret), Prescott Air Force Jr. ROTC. Flag Raising—Wreath Laying—Patriotic Music—Pipers—Taps—Living History Groups—Veteran Organizations—Cavalry The historic Citizens Cemetery was founded in 1864 and contains the graves of more than 3,000 Yavapai County pioneers and veterans which include the Civil War. On Memorial Day we remember and honor those who have fallen in service to their country and pay respect to those that are still with us. Parking is available on adjoining streets, the parking lot directly across from Citizens Cemetery, and at nearby Yavapai College parking lots. Shuttle Service will run from Yavapai College. Golf cart transportation will be available from the main gate to the event. Please bring chairs as seating is limited. Questions contact (928) 771-3200 or Barbara.Fox-Thomas@yavapaiaz.gov. PLEASE JOIN US IN REMEMBERING OUR PAST and RESPECTING OUR PRESENT | INVITATION

Annual Free Slash Drop-Off Program

The Yavapai County Board of Supervisors, working with the Public Works Department, is pleased to announce the continuation of the annual free slash drop-off program at County transfer stations beginning April 1, 2022, through June 1, 2022.

County transfer stations are in: Black Canyon City, Congress, Mayer, Paulden, Seligman, and Skull Valley. Free slash drop off will be held during normal operating hours. For locations and hours, please visit: http://www.yavapaiaz.gov/Portals/30/TransferStationList.pdf

This free slash drop-off program will assist residents in creating defensible space around their homes and other structures. Cutting away vegetation 5 to 30 feet from all structures and removing all debris and dead vegetation from roofs, decks, and the ground can reduce the potential of a wildfire spreading to your home.

Please take advantage of the free slash drop-off program as you create defensible space around your properties.

Only the following items will be accepted: brush, branches, grass, leaves and yard trimmings. Items not accepted are lumber, stumps, roots, cactus, metal, and garbage.

All slash must be removed from plastic bags.

This program is for residential use only. Commercial loads will not be accepted.

When using Yavapai County facilities, please follow the recommended CDC COVID guidelines. For additional information, please contact the Yavapai County Public Works Department at (928) 771-3183. | FLYER

National Vietnam War Veterans Day- March 29th

City of Prescott/Yavapai County
Official Recognition and Wreath Laying Ceremony

Yavapai County War Memorial
Yavapai County Courthouse Plaza
March 29th - 12:00 Noon

Flyer for Wreath Laying Ceremony

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