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Prescott Area Wildland Urban Interface Commission (PAWUIC)

Can you survive a wildfire?

PAWUIC’S motto “Living on the Edge”, has two meanings: living on the edge of Arizona’s wildlands with all of their attendant grace and beauty, but also living with the danger of wildfire.

PAWUIC, founded in 1990, is unique in the nation as a not-for-profit group chartered by the City of Prescott and Yavapai County. PAWUIC is comprised of federal, state, county and city agency representatives working together with volunteers, businesses, and community leaders. PAWUIC’s purpose is to mitigate the threat of wildfire and to promote forest health in the greater Prescott area, and Yavapai County- an area larger than the State of Massachusetts.  Members from Prescott National Forest, Bureau of Land Management, Arizona State Forestry, Prescott Yavapai Tribe, Yavapai County Office of Emergency Management, Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority, Prescott Fire Department, eleven other fire departments, homeowner associations and private citizens meet monthly to report and coordinate their activities to reduce the wildfire danger in the area.

PAWUIC works not just in fire season, but throughout the year to reduce the chance of a wildfire and to reduce the damage it would cause when it strikes our community. By cooperating together since 1990, PAWUIC has brought more than $6,000,000 into our community. 

PAWUIC provides:
•Information and education on how to reduce wildland fire danger by means of an annual EXPO, meetings, training, newspaper articles, helping local communities gain Firewise® community certification, and maintaining its regional information web site.
•A source of grant funding for area fire department efforts to reduce fuels and mitigate other fire dangers.
•Training scholarships for area firefighters at the Arizona Wildfire Academy.
•Supporting efforts for economically and environmentally sound ways to utilize the biomass generated from fuels reduction and forest health projects.

A most important monthly forum for sharing ideas and coordinating efforts among the involved agencies. Time:  8:00 AM on the 1st Thurs. of each month in the Freeman Building at the Prescott Rodeo Grounds, 840 Rodeo Dr.  The public is always welcome to attend.  Becoming a volunteer is a rewarding experience.



Burn Permits

Contact your local fire department to ensure you are properly permitted and informed before you plan your yard work projects that may involve burning the debris. Treat burning debris with caution as you would a campfire: clear other vegetation away; keep the debris pile small and add to it as it burns down; have water nearby and ready; and completely extinguish any remaining coals with water and a shovel (use the fire fighter’s trick of sensing heat with the back of your hand).

Burn Permit Information Website

Yavapai County Wildfire Community Preparedness Month

May is coming to an end; have you prepared for wildfire season?

As the warm weather increases so does the potential for wildfires. Yavapai County of Emergency Management wants to remind residents of Yavapai County that, “It’s Too Late When Told to Evacuate!” Be Firewise by having a plan in place before you are told to evacuate.

The Yavapai County annual FREE slash drop-off program expires on Monday June 1st. Please don’t forget to take advantage of this program while you are cutting away vegetation 5 to 30 feet from all structures and removing all debris and dead vegetation from roofs, decks, and the ground around your home.

The City of Prescott will also be offering a FREE Slash drop-off program at the Sun Dog transfer station, each Saturday during the month of June.

Listed below are a few sites that can help you and your community prepare and become wildfire aware.

PREPARE– your property, family & pets – PLAN – who will you call, were will you meet, what will you take – BUILD A TO-GO KIT – food, water, medicine, personal needs etc. STAY INFORMED – radio, news, online.

Using the “Five P”s is a great start to make sure you don’t leave anything important behind.

  • PRESCRIPTIONS – Have a week’s supply of all individuals’ medications and eyeglasses ready.
  • PETS – Food, water, tags, pet carrier or livestock transportation standing by.
  • PAPERS – Money, important documents and records should be kept together for quick access.
  • PICTURES – irreplaceable memories and items.
  • PHONES & COMPUTERS – Information on hard drives and disks as well as charging devices.

We highly encourage residents to sign up with the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Emergency Notification System to be notified during emergency situations at:http://www.ycsoaz.gov/community/emergency-preparedness/ens/

IT’S TOO LATE WHEN TOLD TO EVACUATE! BE FIREWISE For more on being prepared, please contact Emergency Management 928-771-3321

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