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Yavapai County GIS data can be purchased, review either Commercial or Noncommercial data request forms on this page; complete the form, scan or email to A GIS staff will contact purchaser to arrange for payment and provide instructions to download data from the County FTP server after payment has been received. Yavapai GIS price list for items are summarized and details are describe on this page.

Some 2 ft Contours can be purchased at a cost of $100 per square mile through the 2 Foot Limited Contour Request web application.   If you need more than 1 per square mile, you must make multiple requests. Step-By-Step instructions  have been outlined in the above Contour Request details Pdf above -

Not all Yavapai County GIS data must be purchased, please review what data has been shared publicly on the Yavapai Open Data site,

The following Geographic Information System (GIS) data files are available for purchase. Files can be provided in ESRI File geodatabase, or Shapefile* formats, and in most cases could be converted to AutoCAD DWG or AutoCAD DXF.

Polygon Parcels Parcel polygon boundaries Sample Image
Annotations Lot Numbers Lot Number Annotations Metadata | Sample Image
Annotations Lot Dimensions Lot Dimension Annotations Metadata | Sample Image

Assessor Tables

(physical properties only,

not personal properties

i.e. unattached mobile home)

Department of Revenue (DOR) tables:

Lines Historic Lot Lines Historic Lot Lines Metadata | Sample Image
Polygon Mining Claims Mining claim region boundaries, corner # text, claim name text and mineral survey # text Metadata | Sample Image
Lines Road centerlines Road centerlines of Yavapai County Metadata | Sample Image
Polygon Zoning County zoning polygon boundaries (does not include zoning for incorporated areas) Metadata | Sample Image
Lines Section/Township/Range USPLSS lines of Yavapai County Metadata | Sample Image
Polygon Subdivisions Subdivisions of Yavapai County Metadata | Sample Image
Lines Topographic Contours Different elevations for certain areas, standard 20 ft, 2 ft in select regions. Sample Image
Polygon Municipal Boundaries Municipal boundaries of Yavapai County Metadata | Sample Image
Polygon District Boundaries Includes election, legislative, congressional, college, sheriff, school, sanitary, water,
judicial, supervisor, and fire districts.
Sample Image
Points Address Points Yavapai County address points Metadata | Sample Image
Polygon Public Land Use State, BLM, Forest Service, etc. polygons Lookup Table | Metadata | Sample Image

Custom data files for all or part of the County are available. Fees for custom files are based upon the time required to extract and format the data to the customer’s specifications. See Pricing information. To obtain hard copy paper maps you should contact the Yavapai County GIS Department general number at 928-771-3169.

Send us an email to


Single User License
Unrestricted Commercial
User License
Parcels GIS data file US $200 US $10,000 each (includes custom files)
Other GIS data files (road centerlines,
11 district boundaries, land use, county zoning, and many other layers)
US $200 each US $5,000 each
Department of Revenue (DOR) Data
(Ownership, Sales, Improvement table)
US $300 each or (US $800 for all three purchased together) US $5,000 each (US $12,000 for all three purchased together)
Custom Data Files (extract portion of data,
reformat, non-standard data format, etc.)
US $250 per hour (1-hour minimum charge) US $5,000 plus US $250 per hour, 1-hour minimum charge (except parcels)
Shipping/Handling (media and postage) US $10.00 via US Postal Service – No charge for ftp file transfer US $10.00 via US Postal Service – No charge for ftp file transfer
Flood Control Contours $100 per for each square mile - see 2 Foot Limited Contour Request web application above Not available

*** Money must be received before any maps or data is produced or released ***

The purchase of an Unrestricted Commercial Data Request includes a one-year entitlement to quarterly file updates (4 total data requests).

GIS SPATIAL STANDARD FORMATS *: File geodatabase, Shapefile, and AutoCAD drawing DWG or AutoCAD DXF.

DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE DATA FORMAT: dbase table, or file geodatabase table

Payment types accepted

  • Cash, personal check or bank cashier check accepted.
    • Checks written to Yavapai County Government.
    • If mailing payment, please send to 1120 Commerce Dr, Prescott, AZ 86305, ATTN: GIS Department
  • Accepting Visa and Master Card credit card payments payment through E-Gov Solutions for GIS data requests and paper map requests. American Express credit card and Discover credit card are not accepted.  The transaction fee is 2.38% for charges over $10 or flat fee of $1.50 for all credit card charges under $10. 

Questions about payment processes or to get assistant to make a credit card payment, contact the GIS Department general number at 928-771-3169 or email at

All sales are final.

GIS Map Requests

Before you request a map, consider using existing Web Maps to create and print your own map or download various static PDF maps (listed at the bottom of the mapping application page) from various applications.

Mapping Request Hierarchy

Please request paper maps from the Assessor's Office, Parcel Maintenance Division Located at 1015 Fair Street.  Assessor Departments - Cartography

Basic Maps

GIS Department - Maximum of 2 maps per weekly request. More than 2 maps changes the price to a Specialty Map price (see below).
Paper Size Non-Aerial Map Aerial Map
8.5x11 map $5 (reprint $2 each copy) $7 (reprint $3 each copy)
11x17 map $10 (reprint $5 each copy) $15 (reprint $7 each copy)
24x36 map $15 (reprint $7 each copy) $20 (reprint $10 each copy)
36x48 map $20 (reprint $10 each copy) $25 (reprint $15 each copy)

Electronic Maps (e-mail) = ½ price of the original Map price above. Available file formats are GIF, JPG, PDF, or TIF.

Specialty Projects

Specialty Maps are requests that will take some time to finish, County GIS staff charges $100 an hour (one hour minimum)*. It will be at the discretion of the County GIS staff if the map will be a specialty project or not. For example, a specialty map with aerial that took 1 hour would cost $125* ($100 for the hour, plus the cost of the 36 x 48 inches map with aerial). Specialty maps could include custom labeling, data manipulation, analytical, etc.

  • Miscellaneous Business = Same pricing structure mentioned above ($100/hour). *
  • Project for County = Free (A letter from the contractor or email from County Department
    requesting the data, stating the use, is required. Data must be destroyed once the
    project is complete.)
  • Government (city, state, college, non-profit, etc.) = One custom map per year is free,
    each map, thereafter, is charged the same price as above.
  • Bulk projects: Universities, other agencies = Whichever is of lesser cost to produce the
    work i.e. $100/hour or printing cost. *

Note: If an alternative method of charging is agreed upon between entity, YAVGIS, and the Board of Supervisors, then that agreed-upon price will be used. *

*Money must be received before any maps or data is produced or released. All sales are final.

GIS contact us webpage with phone number and email details.

Kevin Blake


Appointed 2015
Primary Business Address:
1120 Commerce Drive
Prescott, AZ 86305
Phone: (928) 771-3169

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