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The Yavapai County Juvenile Court administers numerous specialized programs to assist our youth in their journey of positive change. The programs are a result of numerous collaborations throughout Yavapai County and the State of Arizona. One of the cornerstones of the Yavapai County Juvenile Court is the ability to use data to guide decision making, while also having the foresight to innovate and provide quality supervision and services to our youth.

The following is a small sample of some of the programming offered by the Yavapai County Juvenile Court:

Journey - Intensive Therapeutic Substance Use Program

Juveniles who have been placed on probation and are experiencing substance abuse problems may be ordered into Journey, an 8-week substance use treatment program. The program offers a regimented daily routine that includes intensive substance abuse counseling, physical conditioning, education, life skills, and community service participation. Polara Health and Spectrum Healthcare Clinics collaborate with the court for the delivery of the intensive counseling component, including individual, family and multi-family sessions. Six juveniles may participate in the program at any time. Journey is based out of the Yavapai County Juvenile Detention Center, with a goal of promoting responsible youth, strong families, and a safe community. Journey Brochure 

Community Restitution

The Yavapai County Juvenile Court operates community restitution crews in the Prescott quad-city area, and in the Verde Valley area. Juveniles who are court ordered through probation or directed through the diversion program to complete community restitution hours may be assigned to the department’s weekend crew. The juveniles work on community cleanup projects ranging from maintaining local parks to creating trails through the national forests.

Court Obligation Program

The Yavapai County Juvenile Court, in conjunction with non-profit organizations, provides juveniles who are court ordered to pay restitution the opportunity to work and receive payment that is then distributed as restitution to their victims. Juveniles are screened for participation and, if they meet the criteria, are assigned to an appropriate jobsite. This program offers job readiness training and teaches accountability while repaying victims.

Detention Alternative Options

The Yavapai County Juvenile Court utilizes Detention Alternatives Options (DAO) as a community-based alternative to detainment in appropriate cases. Options include GPS ankle monitoring, home detention, and house arrest as alternatives to detention for selected juvenile offenders. House arrest is the least restrictive option, which is ordered by the Court and the juvenile is supervised by the parent/guardian. Juveniles placed on GPS are held to a contract and strict schedule approved by their probation officer. The probation officer can track the movement of the GPS unit at any time and the unit will advise the system of any change in movement or location violations. Home detention includes GPS monitoring and a detention officer who makes field and phone contacts with the juvenile in the community. The objective of this program is to reduce recidivism, ensure appropriate use of detention for all juveniles, and to increase the use of non-secure alternatives to detention.


The Bridges Assessment Center was developed to provide Yavapai County juveniles and families with assistance locating community resources, regardless of court status. Bridges is a non-secure assessment center designed to provide preventative services such as immediate screenings for behavioral health, trauma, community agency referrals, and respite. Bridges is a valuable resource for juveniles in the following circumstances:

  • Juveniles who are brought to the detention center by law enforcement with delinquent charges, but who do not meet the established detention admission criteria.
  • Juveniles who are referred by parents, schools, law enforcement, or other community agencies for intervention or emergency respite services.
  • Juveniles who are referred by schools for placement during periods of out-of-school suspension.

Staff from the Juvenile Justice Center provide supervision 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Staff work closely with youth and families to increase positive outcomes and prevent juvenile justice court involvement. | Bridges Assessment Center Brochure

Juveniles Under Supervision and Treatment Court

Juveniles Under Supervision and Treatment (JUST) Court is designed to address probation violations in a timely manner, which are processed through a formal court setting. Included at the hearing will be the juvenile court judge, a probation officer, the juvenile, and a parent/guardian. Benefits to JUST Court include a team approach being used to address violations, technical violations receiving immediate consequences, and violations not resulting in new charges or extended probation terms. Sanctions issued in JUST Court may include, but are not limited to, detention time, community restitution, LEAP, treatment, and educational programs.

Life Skills Enrichment Academic Program

Life Skills Enrichment Academic Program (LEAP) is a collaborative effort involving Juvenile Probation and multiple community partners. The program provides resources and skills that will enhance the participant’s life by providing a variety of academic, personal enrichment, and other life skill activities to further help them in becoming well-rounded individuals. The juveniles who participate in LEAP show a lower likelihood of reoffending than juveniles who do not participate in LEAP.

LEAP is offered for both the Prescott quad-city area and the Verde Valley. The program is held twice weekly at each location from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Transportation to and from the program is available.

Victims’ Rights Program

The Victims’ Rights Program (VRP) was established by the Attorney General’s Office to assist obligated entities with carrying out their duties. The Yavapai County Juvenile Probation department obtained its first grant from the State of Arizona for the Victims’ Rights Program in July 2006, and has continued yearly through the present time. The program ensures Yavapai County Juvenile Court has a Victims’ Rights Coordinator available to handle victim cases in a timely and uniform way and ensure that victim rights are protected.

Yavapai Transition School

Yavapai County Transition School is a cooperative effort between the Yavapai County Juvenile Justice Center and the Yavapai County Accommodation School District. The school is housed in the detention facility and is staffed by a certified Arizona educator and paraprofessional. Instruction is primarily computer based, with opportunity for traditionally delivered lessons. This school offers non-detained youth, who may have difficulty navigating a traditional classroom setting or online courses, an environment in which they can achieve a high school diploma.

Yavapai County Learn and Earn Academy

The Yavapai County Learn and Earn Academy is a seven-week summer program that partners with Yavapai Community College. Interested youth on probation are selected through an application and interview process. During the program, youth gain work experience, workplace skills and ethics, life skills, college exposure, career exploration, community recognition, and increased academic skills. There is also a day of community service education in which they work and learn about their community.

The program days are Monday through Thursday, eight hours per day, and the youth are paid minimum wage. Juveniles will have payments applied to their restitution based upon the hours spent in the program.

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