Link Date Number Title
January 21, 1980 420 Apply for FAA Planning Grant to Develop Airport Master Plan Study for Sedona Airport  
February 5, 1980 451 Abandonment of Unnamed Street, Forbing Park Subdivision and Portions of Cottonwood Avenue, Granite Park Subdivision  
February 12, 1980 422 IGA With City Of Prescott for Cooperation in Formation and Organization of County Improvement Districts  
February 15, 1980 421 Declaration of Emergency  
February 25, 1980 423 Authorization to Enter Into Agreement for Ambulance for Camp Verde  
February 25, 1980 424 Medical Relief and Aid Eligibility Manual Revisions, Chapter I  
February 25, 1980 425 Medical Relief and Aid Eligibility Manual Revisions, Rules 1.06, 1.10, And 1.11  
February 25, 1980 426 Medical Relief and Aid Eligibility Manual Revision, Obstetrical Care  
March 3, 1980 427 Abandonment of Portion of Vista Lane, Sundown Acres Subdivision  
March 3, 1980 428 Request for Assessment of Feasibility of Raising Roosevelt Dam and Other Flood Control Measures  
March 17, 1980 429 Amending the Planning And Zoning Ordinance  
April 21, 1980 430 Establishing Ash Fork Street Lighting Improvement District  
April 28, 1980 434 Agreement With ADOT for Paving Of Parking Apron and Taxiway and to Build New Parking Apron at Sedona-Oak Creek Airport  
May 12, 1980 431 Industrial Development Revenue Bonds (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Project), Series No 1  
May 12, 1980 432 Medical Relief and Aid Eligibility Manual Revision, Time of Application  
May 19, 1980 433 Medical Relief and Aid Eligibility Manual Revision, Time of Application  
June 02, 1980 435 Intention to Participate in Family Counseling Program  
July 11, 1980 436 Authorize the County Treasurer to Refund Overpayments of Taxes  
July 14, 1980 437 Establish and Provide a Self-Insurance Program for the Management and Administration of a System for Direct Payment of Benefits, Losses or Claims or any Combination of Insurance and Direct Payments  
August 11, 1980 438 KApproving the Proceedings Under Which Industrial Development Revenue Bonds (Better-Bilt Aluminum Products Co. Project) Series A  
August 25, 1980 439 Approving Application for Land and Water Conservation Funds Sedona Posse Grounds  
September 2, 1980 440 Providing for Reconstruction of the Camp Verde-Montezuma Castle Highway and Mcguireville-Cornville Road and Declaring an Emergency the Camp Verde-Montezuma Castle Highway and the Mcguireville-Cornville Road  
September 22, 1980 442 Approving Settlement Of Yavapai County v A.P.S., Et Al  
October 6, 1980 441 Settlement of Cordes VS Yavapai County  
October 14, 1980 443 Authorizing and Requesting Initiation of Condemnation Action to Acquire a Right-of-Way for Relocation of Salt Mine Road  
October 14, 1980 445 Establishing Relocation of Windy Point Section of Salt Mine Road as a County Road  
October 20, 1980 444 Endorsing Reauthorization of the General Revenue Sharing Program  
October 27, 1980 446 Abandonment of an Unnamed Alley, Wells' Addition, Humboldt  
October 27, 1980 447 Declaring an Emergency on Windy Point Section of Salt Mine Road  
November 10, 1980 448 Establishing the Yarnell Street Light Improvement District  
December 1, 1980 450 Authorizing Acquisitions of Right of Way - Camp Verde-Clear Creek Road  
December 22, 1980 449 Establishing Relocation and Widening of Camp Verde-Clear Creek Road for New Bridge Across Verde River  
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