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January 11, 1982 498 Vacating a Portion of Arroyo Drive, Hassayampa Mountain Club  
January 18, 1982 500 Requring Financial Disclosure by Public Officials  
January 25, 1982 501 Forty Road Name Changes in Sedona Area  
February 1, 1982 502 Abandonment of Portions of Wagon Wheel Drive & Pleasant Terrace, Lazy River Acres  
February 16, 1982 503 Establishing Regulations and Providing Procedures for the Issuance of Franchises and Licenses to Construct, Install, and Operate Transporation and Transmission Businesses Along, Across and Upon the Public Streets, Ways, Alleys and Places  
February 16, 1982 504 Repealing and Ordinance Approved by the Board of Supervisors on December 2, 1946, Relating to Loitering by Minors  
February 22, 1982 505 Abandonment of Portion of Canyon Lane, Northridge Parke Mobile Home Estates  
February 22, 1982 506 Regulating Encroachments and Special Uses of County Roads and/or Dedicated Streets by Anyone Other Than County Employees  
March 1, 1982 507 Implementing a Comprehensive Employer-Employee Relations Policy  
March 1, 1982 508 Regulating the Use of the Yavapai County Courthouse Plaza  
March 8, 1982 509 Abandonment of an Alley, Block 18, Ash Fork  
March 22, 1982 510 The Board of Supervisors Commends A.E. Palmer for Outstanding Work  
March 22, 1982 511 The Board of Supervisors Commends Jack Seitz for Outstanding Work  
March 22, 1982 512 A Portion of Dry Creek Road Name Changed to Long Canyon Road  
April 19, 1982 513 Rules and Regulations for Community College Board Elections  
May 3, 1982 514 Abandonment of a Portion of Arnold Terrace, Arnold Terrace Subdivision  
May 24, 1982 515 Intention to Participate in Family Counseling Program  
May 24, 1982 516 Abandonment of a Portion of Shoup Street, Forbing Park Subdivision  
May 24, 1982 517 Simmons Highway Name Changed to Walnut Creek Road  
May 24, 1982 518 Authorizing the Submission of an Application for State Community Development Block Grant Funds and Certifying that said Application Meets the Low and Moderate Benefit Requirements and Urgent Need Requirements of the State CDBG Program  
June 21, 1982 520 Compromising the Taxes of Big Park Water Company  
June 21, 1982 521 Compromising the Taxes of Ponderosa Park Water Company  
June 28, 1982 522 Double O Ranch Road Interchange Name Changed to Jolly Road  
July 6, 1982 523 Regulating Out of State Travel by County Employees  
July 6, 1982 524 Amending Chapter 7, Yavapai County Medical Relief and Aid Eligibility Manual  
July 12, 1982 525 Abandonment of a Portion of a Right-of-Way within an "Exception" as Shown on the Verde Village U-6 Plat Map  
July 19, 1982 526 Authorizing Execution of Intergovernmental Agreement Pertaining to Sedona Sanitary District  
July 19, 1982 527 Order Establishing and Organizing Sedona Sanitary District  
July 19, 1982 528 Notification of Boundaries of Taxing District Sedona Sanitary District  
July 26, 1982 529 Authorizing the Preliminary Steps to be Taken to Become a Participating Employer in the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System on Behalf of the Full-Time Law Enforcement Officers of Yavapai County  
July 26, 1982 530 Abandonment of a Drainage Easement Adjacent to Salt Mine Road, Camp Verde Area  
August 23, 1982 533 Establishing the Seligman Street Lighting Improvement District  
September 7, 1982 531 Recommending the Designation of Oak Creek as a Unique Water by the Arizona Bureau of Water Quality Control  
September 7, 1982 532 Approving a Cooperative Agreement with one or more other Arizona Counties, Each County Executing such Agreement to Have a Population Not in Excess of 200,000; Such Agreement to Authorize a Petition to the Arizona State Housing Finance Review Board  
October 4, 1982 534 Requesting that Arizona Student Loan Finance Corporation Acquire Student Loan Notes Under Higher Education Act of 1965  
October 18, 1982 535 Designating and Establishing West Drive, Park Verde Estates #3, as a Yavapai County Road  
October 18, 1982 536 Abandonment of Six Streets in Canyon Sights Unit 3, Subdivision  
October 18, 1982 537 Abandonment of Canyon Sights Unit 3  
November 22, 1982 538 Addendum to Resolution No. 322 Designating Certain Specific Yavapai County Employee Positions as Being "Exempt Service" Thereby to be Excluded from all Provisions of Resolution No. 108 (Amended)  Addendum to Resolution 322
December 13, 1982 539 Endorsing a Sedona/Oak Creek Water Quality Management Plan and Committing the County to Make Every Effort to Implement any Applicable Recommendations  
December 13, 1982 540 Barzona Avenue, Prescott Country Club Mobile Villas Unit Two, Name Changed to Brangus Lane  
December 20, 1982 541 Approving the Issuance of Industrial Development Revenue Bonds (Interactive Health Systems Corporation Project) of the Industrial Development Authority of the County of Yavapai in a Principal Amount of $350,000  
December 27, 1982 542 Abandonment of a Portion of an Unnamed County Road aka Mullen Way  
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