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January 3, 1983 543 Unnamed County Road Named Mullen Way  
January 3, 1983 545 Abandonment of a Portion of Old Highway 279  
January 17, 1983 544 Approving the Proceedings Under Which Industrial Development Revenue Bonds (Better-Bilt Aluminum Products Co. Project) Series 1983, of the Industrial Development Authority of the County of Yavapai are to be Issued  
March 7, 1983 546 Regulating the Use of the Yavapai County Courthouse Plaza  
Amending Resolution No. 508
March 14, 1983 564 Abandonment of Portions of Lakeside Drives West and East, Lakeside Terrace Subdivision  
March 21, 1983 547 Approving Refund of Taxes Paid in Error to Camp Verde Fire District by Residents of Montezuma Heights Subdivision  
March 21, 1983 548 Requesting Modification of United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, Community Development Block Grant Program  
March 21, 1983 549 Special PILT Fund Supporting Establishment by the National Association of Counties of a Fund to Promote County Interests Related to Federal Public Lands  
March 23, 1983 593 Abandonment of Steve Circle, Freeway Acres Subdivision  
April 4, 1983 550 Requesting that Increase in State Sales Tax be Distributed by Current Formula  
May 2, 1983 554 Abandonment of Sycamore Circle, The Sycamores Subdivision  
May 9, 1983 551 Appointing Jerry Newton to Fill a Vacancy on the Board of Directors of the Camp Verde Sanitary District  
May 9, 1983 557 Abandonment of a Portion of First Street, Camp Verde Townsite  
May 16, 1983 552 Intention to Participate in Family Counseling Program  
May 16, 1983 553 Authorizing the Chairman to Request the Arizona Department of Transportation to Designate the Geographical Portion Covered Under Census Enumeration Districts 450, 451, 452, and 453 in Sedona as a Portion of the Sedona Urban Place  
May 16, 1983 555 Abandonment Sanka and a Portion of Del Monte, Coffee Pot Subdivision  
May 23, 1983 556 Authorizing Entry Into Vehicle Registration Transfer Contract with the State of Arizona, Department of Transportation to Transfer the Yavapai County Motor Vehicle Department Back to the State  
May 23, 1983 558 Requesting the Arizona Dept. of Transportation to Include Robert Road from State Highway 69 Northerly and Westerly for Approximately 3.75 Miles to U.S. Highway 89A Into the Yavapai County Federal Aid Secondary Highway System  
May 23, 1983 559 Designating and Establishing Finnie Flat Road as a Yavapai County Road  
June 6, 1983 560 Abandonment of Sunrise Way, Cottona Drive, Trails End Drive and Alleys, Sunset Hills Subdivision  
June 13, 1983 561 Authorizing the Submission of an Application for State Community Development Block Grant Funds and Certifying that said Application Meet to Low-and Moderate Benefit Requirements of the State CDBG Program  
June 13, 1983 562 Pursuant to the Requirements of ARS 36-1473, that a Blighted Area Exists in the Municipality  
June 20, 1983 563 Approving the Proceedings under which Industrial Development Revenue Bonds (HH Holding Company, Inc. - Oak Creek Project) of the Industrial Development Authority  
July 18, 1983 565 Regarding the Inclusion of Deputy County Attorneys in the Merit System  
July 25, 1983 567 Authorizing the Submission of an Application by the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors for State Community Development Block Grant Funds and Certifying that said Application Meets the Low-and Moderate Benefit Requirements of the State CDBG Program  
July 25, 1983 568 A Portion of Old Highway 279 Name Changed to Cypress Lane  
August 1, 1983 566 Establishing Regulations and Providing Procedures for the Issuance of Licenses to Construct, Install and Operate Lines, Wires, Coaxial Cable and Appurtenances for Originating, Receiving, Distributing and Supplying Radio, Television, and Other Cable  Amending Resolution No. 480
August 8, 1983 569 Designating the Month of August, 1983 as "Child Support Enforcement Month"  
August 8, 1983 570 Authorizing Yavapai County to Enter Into An Intergovernmental Agreement with other Counties to Determine AHCCCS Eligibility for County of Residence  
August 15, 1983 571 Expresses Appreciation to the City of Prescott  
August 15, 1983 574 Authorizing the Chairman of the Board to Sign Contracts and Documents Related to Grants Pertaining to the Volunteer in Probation / Police Athletic League Project  
September 6, 1983 572 Abandonment of a Portion of Maryvale Drive, Loma Linda Subdivision  
September 6, 1983 573 Amending Sections 3.30-2(c), 7.21, and 11.30-1, Yavapai County Medical Relief and Aid Eligibility Manual  
September 19, 1983 575 Verde Village Units II, III, IV, V and VIII and Rio Verde Acres Plat II Road Name Changes  
September 26, 1983 576 Declaring Yavapai County a Disaster Area  
September 26, 1983 577 Approving the Application for Land and Water Conservation Funds, Sedona Posse Grounds  
October 3, 1983 578 Abandonment of a Portion of Fishers Way, Montezuma Haven Subdivision  
October 3, 1983 579 Abandonment of a Portion of Navajo Road, Hassayampa Mountain Club, Plat F  
October 24, 1983 580 Verde Village Units II & III Road Name Changes  
November 28, 1983 581 Resolution Approving 1983 HUD Block Grant Application and Intergovernmental Agreement  
November 28, 1983 582 Approving and Authorizing the Execution of Amendment to Intergovernmental Agreement Between Camp Verde Sanitary District and Yavapai County Regarding Paving of Main Street, Camp Verde  
December 12, 1983 583 Approving the Issuance of Adjustable Rate Industrial Development Revenue Bonds (AMOCO Minerals Company Project), Series 1983, of the Industrial Development Authority in the Principal Amount of $1,000,000  
December 19, 1983 584 Approving the Issuance of a $1,525,000 Industrial Development Revenue Bond, Project of 1983 (Cottonwood Nursing Care Center Project) of the Industrial Development Authority  
December 19, 1983 585 Establishing the Procedure for Public Roadway Abandonment  
December 27, 1983 586 Declaring that Yavapai County Sheriff's Cadets are Entitled to the Benefits of Workmen's Compensation as Provided by ARS 23-901.06  
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