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February 2, 1987 711 Resolution of Support for Northern Arizona Council of Governments’ Emergency Medical Services Program  
February 10, 1987 712 Authorizing Investment Monies in Local Government Investment Pool  
February 23, 1987 714 Camp Verde Townsite, Abandonment of a Portion of an Alley  
February 25, 1987 713 Declaring Yavapai County a Disaster Area  
March 9, 1987 715 Abandonment of a Portion of Cathedral Rock Trail, Yavapino Estates  
March 23, 1987 716 Setting Time for Hearing on Petitions for Annexation of The Ridge at Sedona Phases IV-VII to Big Park Improvement District  
March 23, 1987 717 Abandonment of a Portion of Finnie Flat road  
April 6, 1987 718 Amending Health Care Asset Standards  
May 4, 1987 719 Amending Resolution # 701, Quadriplegic Home Care Assistance  
May 11, 1987 720 Establishing Portions of Reed Road and Shadow Valley Ranch Road as County Highways  
May 26, 1987 721 Intention to Participate in Family Counseling Program  
May 26, 1987 722 Setting Time for Hearing on Petitions, Approving Bond, and Directing that Notice be Given for Annexation of Canyon Mesa Country Club, Phase III, to the Big Park Improvement District  
June 1, 1987 723 Establishing Yavapai County Free Library District  
June 22, 1987 724 Setting Date, Accepting Bond, and Giving Notice to Annex Oak Bend Subdivision into South Aspaas St. Road Improvement Dist.  
June 15, 1987 725 Authorizing the Chairman to Enter into an Intergovernmental Agreement for Establishment of a Property and Liability Pool  
June 22, 1987 726 Authorizing a Joiner Agreement with Arizona Corrections Officer Retirement Plan on Behalf of Yavapai County Detention Officers (Superseded)  
June 22, 1987 727 Endorsing Proposed Rules Establishing Methods to be used by ADOT to Allocate Highway User Revenue Funds  
June 22, 1987 728 Revising Fee Schedule for the Planning and Zoning Department  
July 20, 1987 729 Declaring Oak Bend Subdivision Annexed to S. Aspaas Improvement District  
July 20, 1987 730 Authorizing the Submission of an Application for FY 87 State CDBG Funds & Certifying that Said Application Meets the Low & Moderate Benefit Requirements of the State CDBG program (Granite Gardens)  
July 20, 1987 731 Adopting a Plan to Minimize Displacement and Assist Persons Displaced as a Result of Activities Funded in Whole or in Part with 1987 CDBG Funds (Granite Gardens)  
July 20, 1987 732 Certifying Urgent Need Health Hazard Condition to be Addressed with FY 87 CDBG Funds (Granite Gardens)  
July 20, 1987 733 Identifying FY 87 Community Development and Housing Needs and Activities to be Undertaken to Meet Such Needs (Granite Gardens)  
August 3, 1987 734 Endorsing Construction & Completion of Prescott Valley Connector Road Between State Highways 69 and 89A and Requesting that the Route be Classified as Rural  
August 3, 1987 735 Establishing Prescott Country Club Streets as County Highways  
August 10, 1987 736 Supporting and Encouraging the Designation of Old Highway 66 from Seligman to Topock as an Historic Road  
August 17, 1987 738 Charolais Dr. Name Changed to Durham Rd. and Oxbow Place  
September 21, 1987 740 Superseding Resolution # 726 & Authorizing the Board to Enter into a joiner Agreement with the AZ Corrections Officer Retirement Plan  
September 21, 1987 741 Accepting Petition to Annex Territory into the Black Canyon City Water Improvement District, Setting Time for Hearing Approving Bond and Direction that Notice be Given  
September 28, 1987 742 Amending Chapter 11, Section 11.10; Additions to Section 11.00 and 11.50 of the Yavapai County Medical Relief and Aid Manual  
October 13, 1987 743 Opposing the Acquisition of Land and/or Water Rights within Yavapai County by any Political Entity Whose Boundaries Lie Outside Yav. Co.  
October 19, 1987 744 Approving Road Name Changes for Streets in Congress and Wells Addition of Humboldt; Spring Valley and Cordes Lakes  
October 26, 1987 746 Annexing Territory to the Black Canyon City Water Improvement  
November 2, 1987 751 Village Square Amended, Abandonment of Street a.k.a. Parking Area  
November 9, 1987 745 Petitioning the State to Accept the General Crook Highway into the State Highway System (Held in Abeyance 10/26/87)  
December 7, 1987 747 Approving Issuance of $10,500,000 Educational Facilities Revenue Refunding Bonds (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Project) Series 1987 of the Industrial Development Authority of the County of Yav. Co.  
December 21, 1987 748 Supporting the Reopening of an Outpatient Surgical Facility at V.A.M.C. Ft. Whipple  
December 21, 1987 749 Stirrup High Drive, Prescott Country Club Name Changed to Stirrup High Dr. E and Stirrup High Drive W  
December 21, 1987 750 Abandonment of Prescott Street  
December 28, 1987 752 Walk Abandonment, Back O'Beyond Subdivision  
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