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January 22, 1990 812 Resolution of Abandonment, Oak Bend Subdivision  
February 1, 1990 813 Policy Regarding Sales of Properties Pursuant to A.R.S. 42-471  
February 26, 1990 814 Establishing Several Rds. and Portions of Rds. as County Hwys  
March 12, 1990 815 Repealing Resolution No. 566 & Establishing Regulations & Providing Procedures for the Issuance of Licenses to Construct, Install, & Operate Lines, Wires, Coaxial Cable & Appurtenances for Originating, Receiving, Distributing, and Supplying Radio, Television, and Other Cable Communication Services Along Across, and Upon the Public Streets, Ways, Alleys, and Places within the Unincorporated Areas of Yavapai County, AZ  
May 7, 1990 816 Exchange Portions of Spring Ln. and Duffers Dr., Spring Valley  
May 7, 1990 817 A Resolution of the Board of Supervisors of Yavapai County, an Arizona County, (The "County") Authorizing the Valley National Bank of Arizona to Establish a Cash Sweep Agency Account to Invest All Inactive Funds of the Clerk of the Superior Court Daily into a Money Market Fund in Order to Maximize the Interest that the County will Receive on Said Monies.  
May 7, 1990 818 Regarding the Annexation of Certain Adjacent Roads by the Town of Prescott Valley  
June 4, 1990 819 Resolution of Intention to Participate in Family Counseling Program  
July 2, 1990 820 Road Establishment  
July 23, 1990 821 SOBRA  
August 6, 1990 822 Authorize Establishment of Revolving Line of Credit Agreement with the Valley National Bank of Arizona and Authorizing the Chairman to Sign  
September 4, 1990 823 Road Abandonment Procedures (repealing 587 and 670)  
September 4, 1990 824 Endorsing Formation of Prescott Area Wildland/Urban Inter-face Commission  
November 5, 1990 825 Abandonment of Easement (Henderson Rd. Exchanges have not been Acted on yet 3/13/96)  
November 5, 1990 826 Abandonment of Easement (Henderson Rd. Exchanges have not Acted on yet 3/13/96)  
December 17, 1990 827 Conveying Personal Property and Improvements Located at the Sedona Community Park to the City of Sedona  
December 31, 1990 828 Formation of the Sedona Oak Creek Joint Unified School District  
December 31, 1990 829 Annexation of Rights-of-Way by the city of Prescott  
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