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January 5, 1998 1104 Repealing Resolution No. 1043 and Establishing a Policy Regarding Sales of Properties Pursuant to A.R.S. § 42-471 and 472  
January 5, 1998 1105 Establishing Murray Circle, Fitzmaurice Drive, Coulter Circle, Lewis Circle, French Drive, Angeline Circle, Chase Circle, Finney Circle, and French Place as County Highways  
January 5, 1998 1106 Frontage Road and Limonite Way Road Name Changes; The Village at Lynx Creek and Rafter Eleven Mobile Home and RV Park Official Street Name Map Adoption  
January 20, 1998 1107 Repealing Resolution No. 944 and Establishing a Policy for Formulation and Scheduling of Board of Supervisors’ Agendas  
February 2, 1998 1108 Ordering Conversion of High Valley Ranch Improvement District to High Valley Ranch Domestic Wastewater Improvement District (Amended 6-7-99)  
February 17, 1998 1109 Establishing Colonial Boulevard aka Oasis Drive as a County Hwy.  
February 17, 1998 1110 Establishing Hogan Ln., Angus Cr., and Kelli Ln., as County Hwys  
February 17, 1998 1111 Establishing Young Lane as a County Highway  
February 17, 1998 1112 Establishing Several Streets and Roads as County Highways  
February 17, 1998 1113 ESTABLISHING THE PROCEDURE FOR PUBLIC ROADWAY ABANDONMENT  Repealing Resolution No. 823
February 17, 1998 1114 Applicant Resolution/Authority to Apply a Resolution of the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors Approving the Application for Local Regional and State Parks Fund  
March 2, 1998 1115 Kelly Drive Changed to Dearing Road, and Sunset Road Changed to Sunrise Road  
March 16, 1998 1116 Establishing Red Baron Dr. As a County Highway  
April 20, 1998 1117 A Resolution Approving the Issuance of $20,000,000 Aggregate Principal Amount of Industrial Development Revenue Bonds, 1998 Series (Citizens Utilities Company Project) of the Industrial Development Authority of the County of Yavapai  
May 4, 1998 1118 1118 Establishing Bumble Bee Road, Black Canyon City area as a County Highway  
May 18, 1998 1119 Rim Trail Circle Name Change to Rim Trail Court Village of Oak Creek  
May 18, 1998 1120 Resolution Opposing Second Application to Place Lot 282, Lake Montezuma Hills, into Trust  
May 18, 1998 1121 A Resolution Approving the Issuance by the Industrial Development Authority of the county of Yavapai of its Residential Care Facility Revenue Bonds (GNMA Collateralized – Margaret T. Morris Center Project), Series 1998A and Taxable Series 1998B, in an Aggregate Principal Amount of Not to Exceed $3,400,000  
June 1, 1998 1122 A Resolution of the Board of Supervisors, Yavapai County, Arizona of Intention of Participation in Family Counseling Program  
June 15, 1998 1123 Establishing Weeping Willow Lane, as a County Highway  
June 15, 1998 1124 Establishing View Drive, as a County Highway  
July 6, 1998 1125 Establishing Center Street, as a County Highway  
July 6, 1998 1126 Exchange of a Portion of Pittsburgh Rd., Sunset Mobile Site, Paulden Area  
July 6, 1998 1127 Adoption of Two Official Street Name Maps for the Communities Dewey and Humboldt  
July 6, 1998 1128 Street Name Change from Old Stage Rd. to Model Creek Rd. Peeples Valley  
July 6, 1998 1129 Designating the Arizona counties Research foundation (ACRF) as Fiscal Intermediary Between Yavapai County and AHCCCS for the Purpose of Obtaining Federal Reimbursement of Administrative Costs Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes §§ 11-297, 36-2905, 36-2905.03, and 36-2905.05  
July 20, 1998 1130 Establishing Date Creek Road, Congress Area as a County Highway  
July 20, 1998 1131 Establishing Road 4 ½ North, Chino Valley Area as a County Hwy  
July 20, 1998 1132 Establishing Country View Lane, Cornville Area as a County Hwy  
August 3, 1998 1133 A Resolution of the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors for the Adoption of the Budget; Fiscal 1998-99  
August 3, 1998 1134 Establishing Pioneer Parkway as a County Highway  
August 3, 1998 1135 Establishing of Roads in the Prescott, Chino Valley, Dewey, Prescott Valley, Bagdad, Black Canyon City, & Congress Areas as County Hwys.  
August 3, 1998 1136 Abandonment of a Portion of an Alley in Parker Hill Subdivision, Humboldt area (STILL OUT)  
August 3, 1998 1137 Resolution Permanently Closing Citizens Cemetery to Future Burials  
August 17, 1998 1138 A Resolution of the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors for the Collection of Taxes by the County Treasurer Fiscal Year 1998-99  
August 17, 1998 1139 Establishing Charolais Drive, Meadow Lane, Garden Lane, and Sandy Hollow Lane, Bridgeport area, as County Highways  
August 17, 1998 1140 In Support of Congress Appropriating Funds From the Federal Land and Water Conservation Funds (LWCF) to Protect Three of the Most Significant Private Land Holdings in the Red Rocks, Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, Arizona, Area of the Coconino National Forest  
September 8, 1998 1141 A Resolution of the Board of Supervisors of Yavapai County Authorizing the Submission of an Applications(s) for FY 1998 State Community Development Block Grant Funds, Certifying that said Applications(s) Meets the Community’s Previously Identified Housing And Community Development Needs and the Requirements of the State CDBG Program, and Authorizing all Actions Necessary to Implement and Complete the Activities Outlined in said Application.  
September 8, 1998 1142 Establishing Pine Drive, Peacepipe Place, Oswego Street Valley Lane, Yuma Drive, Lee Mountain Road, Beaverhead Flat Road, and Pecan Way, Verde Valley Area, as County Highways  
September 8, 1998 1143 Establishing Marapai Rd., Groom Creek Area, as a County Hwy  
September 8, 1998 1144 Four (4) Road Name Changes: Paulden  
September 21, 1998 1145 Establishing Sycamore Canyon Rd. Clarkdale area as a County Hwy  
September 21, 1998 1146 Establishing Brady Rd., Burton Dr., and Dearing Rd. formerly Know as Kelly Dr. as County Highways  
September 21, 1998 1147 Establishing Hill Dr., in the Hassayampa Mountain Club as a County Highway  
September 21, 1998 1148 1148 Road Name Change From Cross 2 Ranch Road to Culpepper Ranch Road, Brocket Ranch Road and Dragonshead Road in the Lake Montezuma Area  
October 5, 1998 1149 Adoption of Three Official Street Name Maps for Mayer, Poland Junction and Cordes Junction Along the Highway 69 Corridor  
October 19, 1998 1150 Establishing Allen Drive in the Prescott area as a County Highway  
November 2, 1998 1151 Resolution to Adopt the Yavapai County Drainage Criteria Manual and Appoint the Yavapai County Flood Control District as Administrator and Distributor of Manual.  
January 4, 1999 1152 1152 Abandoning a portion of Rancho Vista Drive, Rancho Vista Hill in the Prescott Area (HELD IN ABEYANCE) (APPROVED 1-4-99)  
November 2, 1998 1153 A Resolution of the Yavapai Co. Board of Supervisors Approving Submission of an Application for Transportation Enhancement Funds for the Route 66-Ash Fork Transportation Museum  
November 16, 1998 1154 Establishing Purple Sage Rd., Cornville area, as a County Highway  
November 16, 1998 1155 Establishing Bates R., Bridgeport area, as a County Highway  
November 16, 1998 1156 A Resolution of the Board of Supervisors of Yavapai County, Arizona, Establishing Common Bonds and Principles for Regional Cooperation and Coordination in Land Use Planning and Development Decisions in the Verde Valley  
November 16, 1998 1157 Supporting the Efforts of Habitat for Humanity and Pledging Volunteer Participation by the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors, Prescott City Council, Prescott Valley Town Council and Chino Valley Town Council  
December 7, 1998 1158 Resolution Establishing a Policy of Formulation and Scheduling of Board of Supervisors’ Agendas  
December 7, 1998 1159A Resolution Approving the Issuance of not to exceed $5,000,000 Industrial Development Revenue Bonds (Thermal Control Technologies Corp. Project), Series 1998  
December 21, 1998 1159 Establishing Arroyo Drive as a County Highway  
December 21, 1998 1160 Road Name Change Loy Road to Loy Lane, a Private Easement in the West Sedona Area  
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