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Monday, January 17, 2022

Flood Insurance

Yavapai County has several projects underway to update Flood Insurance Rate Maps. Map changes result in a better understanding of the risk for property owners, and it can affect flood insurance rates. It is important for property owners to understand their options for flood protection and insurance, particularly with the recent changes occurring at the Federal level of government in the flood insurance reform.

Agua Fria River

The following links include the latest insurance and project information. The Flood Hazard Mapper tool  is an interactive map that allows property owners to see the current floodplain on their property. By turning on the layer, “Changes Since Last FIRM,” property owners can see if the extent of the Special Flood Hazard Area on their property will be adjusted. Once the change in flood risk is known, property owners are encouraged to call their insurance agents to find the best flood insurance options for them. It is important to do so before maps affecting your property become effective, as certain property owners can save money by purchasing flood insurance prior to the new map effective date.

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