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Virtual Flood Risk Open House for Oak Creek

Welcome to the Oak Creek Virtual Flood Risk Open House.

In June 2020, new preliminary flood hazard maps were released for Oak Creek. These updated flood maps replace older, outdated flood maps. As a result, some property owners will see that their flood risk has increased or decreased, while others will see no change.

Due to the pandemic, Virtual Flood Risk Open Houses were held in September 2021 for both Coconino and Yavapai Counties. These online Open Houses allowed residents and business owners to learn about how their flood risk might have changed, possible impacts on flood insurance requirements and costs, what they could do if they disagreed with the preliminary maps, and arrange to meet one-on-one with a mapping or insurance specialist, or local or FEMA representative. A recording of that meeting is available on this page.

Wanting to still inform affected property owners who couldn’t make the meeting or wanted to learn more, the District created a series of webpages as an online version of a Flood Risk Open House so property owners could still “visit” each station to learn more about the project.

Each of the links below is a “station” for you to visit. We recommend that you start with Identify Your Flood Risk if you have not done so already.

Note that FEMA’s 90-day Public Comment period has ended, and the preliminary flood maps are targeted to become effective later this year. That is when any changes in flood insurance requirements will also change

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